The Ultimate Guide to Blog Promotion [Checklist]

The majority of your blog traffic will come sooner, rather than later. So, it's important to promote your blog posts to drive up immediate traffic. This is particularly important if your topic is timely, but applies to all blog posts.

Follow the checklist below to extend the reach of your blog post after you hit publish.

Make like glitter and get everywhere!

Make like glitter and get everywhere!

1. Social Media

Share on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram...wherever it is that your audience hangs out. Many blog platforms have plug-ins that share links automatically, but be cautious. Each social media platform has it's own set of best practices. Posting things manually might require more time, but it does provide more opportunities for personalization. 

You can also share the same piece of content multiple times. Not all of your followers will be online the first time you share, so sharing multiple times will help increase overall traffic.

2. LinkedIn

If you blog about a business, career or professional topic, LinkedIn is the place to be. It's also a great place to build relationships, which is why it earned a special shoutout on this checklist.

Aside from posting updates that include your blog links, you'll want to ensure that you're profile is up-to-date (and relevant), connect with the right people and influencers and join a LinkedIn group. In order to be effective, you must be active on this social platform.

Note: when sharing to LinkedIn groups, don't be a nuisance. Only share your most relevant blog posts so folks don't suspect that you're more interested in self-promotion than networking.  

3. Email Newsletter

Got an opt-in form on your  blog? (If you don't, add one!) That collection of emails is an eager audience since they've already expressed interested in what you've got to say. Include a brief, yet enticing snippet and then link to the complete post on your website. There are multiple free and/or affordable email marketing tools at your disposal (think MailChimp or Constant Contact). Don't forget to include share buttons! 

4. Share with Other Influencers

Have you been taking the time to find and connect with online influencers who have the attention of your target audience? Have you begun to build relationships with them?

If you answered yes, then you should share your best and most useful blog posts with them and ask them to share if with their own audiences. Don't spam! You should be very selective about which posts you choose to share and with whom.

If you answered no, then you're missing out on a big opportunity to grow your blog! Entrepreneur wrote a great post about how to find and connect with online influencers.

Also consider tagging brands or people that you mentioned in a status update. If you say nice things about them, they're likely to help you promote it further.

5. Think Evergreen

Even prior to hitting publish, you should consider how you can repurpose the content to extend its shelf life. It's a common tactic used by content marketers to build a brand, and you can use it to build your blog, too.

Consider short videos that you can add to YouTube, dive deeper into a specific topic with an ebook or whitepaper or visualize your content with an infographic.

If you've got a topic that's particularly newsworthy, consider giving them wider exposure. Submit them to a free press distribution site or a paid service if you've got the budget.

6. Use Social Bookmarking Sites

These websites are a great source for folks actively looking for content. Why not throw yours into the ring for consideration? Posting to these sites can generate more traffic to your blog and website, increase qualified visitors, improve social signals and even help search engines index your sites faster.

Koozai published a comprehensive blog post about bookmarking the right way and the top 8 social bookmarking sites for consideration.

7. Advertise 

Nearly all of the social media platforms allow you to sponsor specific posts for a nominal fee. Include a teaser like a relevant statistic or propose a problem that your blog post can answer to encourage clicks. If possible, include a relevant photo and the link to your original post. Sponsored posts are more likely to be seen by your audience and certainly worth testing out!

8. Comment on Relative Blogs

I bet you read other relative blogs in your niche, right? And I can almost guarantee that readers who are part of your target audience are also hanging out there too. Commenting on other blogs covering similar topics is a great way to promote your own content. 

Focus on high-quality blogs so your linking building efforts don't harm your search rankings and search traffic. 

To avoid being considered a spammy comment, only include a link with your comment if it's relevant and useful. Or instead of including a link within the comment space, include your blog URL in the contact space provided when you enter your comment. Just remember, its important that all comments bring added value.

9. Syndicate 

Every one wants their painstakingly crafted blog post to see as many eyeballs as possible right? Enter syndication.

Only choose quality sites (usually those that manually approve submissions and don't rely on RSS feeds) and again, ensure that your content is a good fit. If you're new to syndication, some sites to consider include: Business2Community, Social Media Today, Business Insider, Quora, Reddit and Huffington Post.

Note: don't go overboard with this method because original content is still supreme! 

10. Promote Internally

Internally linking is an important part of your search engine optimization strategy and it keeps people on your website longer. Got a FAQ page? Perhaps you can use a post that you've written as a link to the answer. Can a post be included as a link to a multi-part series? Make your blog posts work for you!

Want even more tips? Check out RefferalCandy's infographic. They connected with over 40 marketing experts about their favorite blog promotion tactics. 

Got specific questions about blogging? Please leave a comment below and we'll get back to you. Throughout the month of September, we'll be focusing on "Back to Blogging" basics and related topics.

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