This cool gal I know, Hanna Smolan, created a similar post about all the feels in her life. I enjoyed the simplicity of it, and opted to "steal it" and replicate it, myself. Plus, I thought this was a great way to give readers an alternative glimpse into the real EELECTRIK LADY...

Loving // the experience of starting my own business. I've had a creative breakthrough and can't wait to share all the behind-the-scenes news! .....hey, no peeking! 

Reading // The Tales of The City by Armistead Maupin. The characters are so quirky and eccentric, plus it takes place in one of my favorite American cities: San Francisco. 

Watching // i love Fall tv season. But, I'm MOST excited about the return of The Walking Dead this past Sunday. It's a dark and fascinating narrative about humanity. Plus, there's nothing more exciting than guts, glory and zombies. 

Looking forward to // it's my birthday tomorrow! I'll be 27 and I'm looking forward to my newfound wisdom...ha! Who am I kidding?! I'm just excited for presents + love from all my friends & family. Thanks for birthing me, Mom!

Feeling // inspired + refined

Writing // oh, you mean besides this blog post? Like, real thoughts though, I keep reading about the benefits of daily journaling. If anyone's got suggestions I'm all ears... I'd prefer one that comes with daily prompts because the idea of writing about what happened to me on a specific day just sounds boring. I don't live the life of a staff member at Vanderpump Rules, after all...

Laughing at // anybody that knows me well, knows I LOVE corny jokes. Thanks, Buzzfeed. Also looking forward to laughing at the Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo special on HBO, airing Saturday. If it was anything like her SNL opening monologue, my sides will split.

Listening to // Andra Day, Cheers to the Fall. She's got grit and soul--a kindred spirit of Amy Winehouse. If I had to choose my favorite two songs on the album: Rise Up and Forever Mine.

Planning // ok, remember when 2 minutes ago I said I had some behind-the-scenes news to share? Well... I'm planning, plotting, organizing, writing and packaging up some new educational resources. Heard it here first, so check back soon for more!

Remembering // ...huh? I know I'm forgetting something.

Enjoying // my new blonde pixie! (up until a week ago, I was an auburn with a side-shave)

Dreading // folding laundry

Wanting // an adorable purple dinosaur pullover sweater. (ps, I accept fan gifts. It is my birthday, after all)

Encouraged by // my first class on CreativeLive (seriously take one if you haven't yet!) & my ever supportive boyfriend, Michel. He's always got my best interests at heart.

Making // (well helping make) a beautiful community of authentic, do-gooders tagged Pilates with Purpose. If you're in Boston, join us at our next event to benefit Franciscan Hospital for Children. (Shout out to the fab founders: Kristen Scanlon + Hanneke Antonelli)

grateful for all of the things currently happening in my life, and all of the people who fill it.