Add a Little Feng Shui to Your Desk

Sitting at a desk all day is one of my least favorite activities, but many of us are forced to do so, whether at home or in an office, due to the nature of our jobs. But, did you know that your productivity and general attitude can be influenced by both the physical elements and ambiance surrounding your workspace? (mind go boom?)

A favorite yoga instructor of mine once said, "the quality of our lives relies directly on what we focus our attention to." This is especially true at work, and the sentiment reminds me to treat it with respect. Or at least keep it organized and clutter free.

Read on for a few simple tips to Feng Shui your workstation, cubicle  or corner office (though if you're the one sitting in a corner office, perhaps you should be the one providing advice!)

1. Clearing the clutter. To ensure an organized space, keep it simple and minimalist: one notebook or pad for a to-do list, one pencil holder, one refillable water get the point. When you allow stacks of papers to pile up, it becomes a mental muddled mess. Take just 5-10 minutes at the end of each workday to recycle papers and memos or file away those that you need to keep. Then, say hello to a fresh start in the morning and avoid the energy-drain that your hot-mess of a desk provides.

2. Positioning and perspective. This facet of Feng Shui places importance on the direction you face when sitting and what is facing in return. If possible, try to face a window or open space (like a sunlit hallway) and have a wall at your back. Unfortunately, we don't all get to pick our work space location, so I'd recommend adding tall floor plans behind you and avoid any sharp objects or sharp angles to the front (those are referred to as poison arrows and can create negative energy).

3. Adding a purifying element. I'm not talking about a Brita. A simple Google of "air purifying plants" will return a multitude of desk or floor-plant options that are suitable for an indoor environment. Or you might consider a piece of art or a photography that inspires you. Personally, I like to keep travel mementos and photos on desk and desktop background (currently featuring a snapshot of penguins from Boulder Beach in South Africa from a recent jaunt). These help me momentarily escape and let's my mind wander, which creates space for creative and motivating ideas.

What Feng Shui or organizational elements do you use to keep productivity high? Please share in the comments below!