The Modern Marketer

The infographic below was originally posted on in 2013, and now, two years later, this multifaceted approach still rings important. Gone are the days when creativity was valued above all else. In the digital age of marketing, you must not only deliver unique marketing campaigns, but follow it up with data-driven performance tracking and insightful analysis. (And yes, your clients will ask. They want to better understand the behaviors of their target audience and then improve!)

Not to get all feminist (that's another conversation entirely) , but I do wish they had a lady version, too. We look great in white lab coats!


But a Modern Marketer, you say!? Why, that sounds like a cool new superhero! Well, my friends, it's certainly a balance and one that requires a special skill set not previously seen. (Heck, I would have been brilliant at consuming copious amounts of whiskey in my corner office to come up with the next eelectrik pitch--see what I did there?) Instead, us "modern" folk get to work out both sides of our brain. We should all mark that as a win.

Think you've got what it takes to be a marketing ninja? 

1. Are you a flexible thinker? Sure, you can make a flawless digital marketing plan, but you must also be agile enough to respond to serendipitous opportunities. Leverage real-time analytics so that you're constantly evolving your strategy--not waiting until after the fact. 

2. Are you a people person? Relationships matter the most! You must be an influencer in your own right to move the needle. But you also seek to connect and build relationships with the community and your clients. Empathy = real value

3. Are you a media consumer? You listen to the data, but you must also listen to people because perception is often more important than reality. (Sometimes what you hear is more important than what you say) With clear, actionable CTAs, you can help your organization break through the noise with personalized and meaningful messaging. 

4. Are you a good storyteller? You're educating, not selling. The message shouldn't be centered around the product features, but around the vision behind them. Know your 1 hour story, your 1 sentence story and your 1 word story--then market share will come to you!

5. Do you like getting your hands dirty? Act now, apologize later, modern marketing ninjas! Have the creative confidence to prototype experiments and then follow through with continuous experimentation and innovation.


What are your thoughts on the role of a "modern marketer" and what what changes do you see in the coming years? What other attributes do you find valuable in a modern marketer? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.