My Process

First, you need to fill out my contact form.

Then I'll set up a discovery call to review your organization, needs, budget, goals and overall marketing strategy. I expect the key members of your team to be there, but please limit it to 4 people on your end. I'm going high-level in this initial call, digging into your "why" so that I can produce a well-researched proposal outlining services and associated fees.

With your signature, we can really get started. I'll need access to your website CMS, Google Analytics account, and any marketing software currently in use. My work begins with an audit of your website, your content, your social profiles, your sales process and measuring baseline results. I'll use everything that I uncover to build a playbook for your success with lots of ideas for strategy and execution. At this point, I'll have lots of questions and I'll set up a second call to nail this down perfectly. 

The third component is execution. We'll be communicating as needed, plus setting up recurring touch points depending on the scope of the project to update you on progress. Meanwhile, I'll be changing up titles, passing along content ideas to your team and optimizing Facebook ads. You'll also receive a formal document (a blueprint) that lists specific tasks and strategies for the next 3 to 6-months. 

Finally, after getting through everything above and working through the highest priorities, we'll have time to reflect on needs to be adjusted. But to make the best improvements, I need all parties to be straightforward and honest about what's working and what isn't. Then, we just continue to win!